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Mondays with moshe

Psychotherapy learning groups

In August of 2020, Moshe embarked on a new mission to bring more awareness to the process that occurs in the therapy room.  In an endeavor to promote professional development for mental-health professionals, Moshe began to hold weekly Zoom calls with experts in the field of psychotherapy.  While not all of the interviews are for public viewing, this page offers some of the highlights including world renowned therapists and writers such as Dr. Irv Yalom, Dr. Edith Eger, and Dr. Richard Schwartz of IFS. Some of these sessions have been opened to the public and can be viewed by clicking on the choices below.


Subscribe to MWM

If you are a mental-health professional and would like to subscribe to Mondays With Moshe to receive the weekly invites to the show contact with your email address and ask to subscribe.  You will also be able to view all previous episodes once subscribed.  

Watch interviews with some of the leading experts in the field of Psychotherapy

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