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Moshe Norman

Moshe Norman, LCSW, our founder and director, is an experienced clinician and NJ certified supervisor with a decade of training in psychoanalysis and family-systems therapy.  Moshe has helped improve the lives of hundreds of individuals, couples and families.


Toby Arnold

Toby Arnold is a licensed social worker with experience working with children, adolescents, and their families. Toby utilizes a wide range of modalities to fit her client’s specific needs, as there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to therapy. She believes her strong communication skills and warm and nonjudgmental nature are what make her work successful. Toby has experience working in clinical and in-home settings. 

Raizy Weinfeld

Raizy Weinfeld is a New Jersey, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a National Board Certified Counselor. Raizy is fluent in Yiddish and specializes in play therapy in clinical practice with children, adolescents, and their families. Her areas of expertise include anxiety, ADHD, effective parenting, and emotional regulation.  Raizy's warmth and collaborative approach help to provide a safe and trusting environment where thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns can be explored, setting the stage for healing and growth.

Ilana Abramson

Ilana Abramson, LCSW, currently works as the Program Director for Quality Families. Ilana has years of clinical experience working with individuals, families and groups and spent a number of years working in the school setting as both a counselor and school consultant. Ilana likes to refer to herself as a strengths based clinician that adapts various modalities based on the needs of her clients within that framework. Ilana's ability to make space for her clients  to feel comfortable and calm is the force behind her success.

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