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Our Approach


Quality Families. Quality Results.

At Quality Families we take a systems approach to addressing the needs of families.  Through our in-home program, our clinicians have an opportunity to interact with both the individual child as well as his or her environment to invoke lasting changes in the operation of the family. 


At our outpatient center we offer psychodynamic therapy, also known as psychoanalysis.  Our clinicians are trained to help a person recognize the deepest and complex meanings that are behind people's feelings and negative behaviors.  When these are understood clients often find it easier to modify their behaviors and let go of earlier resentments.  For more on how psychotherapy works read the blog section on this website.


All our clinicians undergo regular supervision and ongoing training in psychoanalysis and family-systems therapy.  This is to ensure that they get ongoing consultation and continuing education so that they are performing the most optimal therapy for you or your loved one.

What makes us unique

  • in-home therapeutic support

  • tackling the most difficult cases

  • 100% state funded

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